Hello, again! Are you unsure of what categories to put a wiki page into? You've come to the right blog post!

Categories allow users to organize pages into different...uh...categories! It's important to assign the correct categories to the wiki pages you make in order to ensure people can find what they're looking for! 

2 Main Categories: Game & Author 

If you are making a page for a specific Bitsy game, please tag it with the Game category. If you are making a page for a person who makes Bitsy games, please tag it with the Author category. Simple as that!

Game Genres

Any wiki page that can be tagged as Game should also be tagged with one or more genre categories, so users can sort Bitsy games by genre. The genre categories are:

  • Exploration - A game where you're trying to make your way around an environment 
  • Horror - A game that has spooky/scary elements in it
  • Mystery - A game where you are collecting clues to solve a mystery
  • Puzzle - A game where you are solving puzzles/working through problems
  • RPG - A game that has RPG elements, such as combat, leveling, etc.
  • Story - A game who's primary objective is to go through a linear story & has little mechanics beyond that

This....is probably not comprehensive, so if there are other genres that you think should be added, feel free to let me know! 

As the wiki grows, I'm sure other Categories will be needed as well, and I will update this accordingly as it happens!!


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