Bitsy tutorials are instructions & guides written by the Bitsy community to facilitate developers in the use of Bitsy's functionalities. As there are no officially-written tutorials for how to use Bitsy, the community relies on its other members for help. Often tutorials will be posted on the author's website, or as a devlog on the author's page.

Introductions to Bitsy

A Bitsy Tutorial by Claire Morwood

One of the first "getting started" Bitsy tutorials ever written, this guide explains how to use the basic functions of Vanilla Bitsy. Includes instructions for:

  • Creating & placing drawings
  • Creating rooms & using exits*
  • Creating & using color palettes
  • Recording .gif files
  • Setting background color & export size
  • Downloading the .html of the game

Bitsy Workshop Presentation by haraiva

Part of a presentation for the NYWF, this slideshow provides a quick tutorial on how to get started with Bitsy. Includes instructions for:

  • Creating & placing drawings
  • Creating rooms & using exits*
  • Adding dialog & using different dialog variations
  • Adding a single looping music track to your game

Tutorial also briefly mentions:

  • Creating & using color palettes
  • Using inventory
  • Setting background color, export size, and fonts
  • Editing the gamedata
  • Downloading the .html of the game
  • Links to more Bitsy tools & tutorials

Bitsy Pamphlet by Lenny

This tutorial is a printable one-page zine that lightly touches on some of Bitsy's basic functionalities. The main advantage with this tutorial is that it is formatted to be printed & folded into a zine which then can be easily distributed. Includes instructions for:

  • Creating and placing drawings
  • Adding dialog

Tutorial also briefly mentions:

  • Creating rooms & using exits

Guía Bitsy by rumpel

One of the first and possibly only Bitsy tutorial in Spanish. Includes instructions for:

  • Changing the language of the engine
  • Creating and placing drawings
  • Creating rooms & using exits
  • Creating & using color palettes
  • Downloading the .html of the game

Tutorials about specific functions

Bitsy Dialog Hacks Example by JackTrick

Bitsy game that provides examples of how certain "from-dialog" hacks work, and then a link to a modded version of the Bitsy Editor (v5.1) with the following hacks built-in:

  • 🖌 edit-image-from-dialog
  • 🔚 end-from-dialog
  • 🚪 exit-from-dialog
  • 📃 paragraph-break
  • Editing the current room palette from dialog
  • Adding timer functionality to any of the above hacks

Time for some Rambling about Dialog by cephalopodunk


Full animation in Bitsy by zetef

Bitsy and Tracery by cephalopodunk


Bitsy Variables: A Tutorial by ayolland
Notes on using Variables in Bitsy by Paolo Jose Cruz
How to do multiple operations on Bitsy 4.2 by Saranomy
A thread on variables Bitsy forum
How Mogi used variables in The Bazaar: link

Advanced tutorials

ok wait but how'd you do that in bitsy by Sean

the robots by onion

this hot mess was made and hot glued together by onion

How It Works: holt by Sean

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